Welcome to my site at The Authors Haunt.  This site is the exclusive online home for my work, the only place on the Net where you can find any of my stories or poems.

I'm relatively new to writing and so I'm still trying to find my feet, experimenting with various styles in an effort to find my true literary voice.  I am more comfortable writing poetry than fiction, though I hope being a Resident Author here will give me the opportunity to develop my skills in both prose and verse.

I use my writing as a way to explore my emotions rather than express them, to analyse and investigate my thoughts and feelings about a range of issues, both personal and social.  I don't think my work is influenced by any particular author, poet or style, though I do consider myself to be well-read and enjoy the work of many different writers, both online and in print.

I came to The Authors Haunt as a fan of both Aiden Madrigal and Rob Hawes, and was extremely impressed by the wealth of talent I found in the other authors here, so I am immensely honoured to find my work published alongside so many gifted writers.  I can only hope that you, my readers, will enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed the work of the other authors hosted here.

Disclaimer:  Writing published on this site may contain scenes of a sexual nature or other material that may be disturbing to some readers and/or inappropriate for younger visitors.  All stories, poetry, content and graphics are subject to copyright (please see the notices at the bottom of this page).  Infringement of this copyright will result in legal action.  Under no circumstances should any story, poem, content or design element be reproduced without the express permission of the copyright holder.  If you find any errors on this site, or if there is content you feel is inappropriate, please contact The Authors Haunt Site Administrator.